Pan de Jamón (Venezuelan Christmas Bread)

Para la versión en español seguir hasta el final   A real Venezuelan starts planning Christmas celebration from the moment we received the first part of our Christmas bonus (which is about July) well… If you have some money left over. To keep the tradition going, and to start adding to the shopping list, here […]

Bread In the Kitchen

Papitas (Fried Cassava and Cheese Balls)

Para la versión en español sigue hasta el final   Papitas are some of the most known fried food in Maracaibo. Next to Pastelitos, Tequeños and Mandocas, these are usually eaten for breakfast. The name Papitas translate into “Little Potatoes” even though there is not potato in it.   The origin of the name will […]

Breakfast In the Kitchen

Chicha Venezolana (Venezuelan Rice Drink)

Para la version en español siga hasta el final. I know, I know… I was gone for too long… again! But I came with a new plan and this one involved my mom… Woo hoo!!! Just so you know this lady is the sweetest ever and she has such a positive personality that makes me […]

Drinks In the Kitchen

From Old Window to Wall Art!

Para la publicación en español sigue hasta el final… It has been a while since my last post. A lot of changes had happened in my life, and even though I still work in my projects once and a while, lately I’ve been more active and decided to come back. This time I’ll add spanish […]

Feeling Crafty Repurpose

Happy Stairs (Removable Wallpaper)

Para la publicación en español, sigue hasta el final. Hi there! I’ve been thinking for a long time how to give some life to the entryway. No matter what time of the day it is, the entrance will look dark of just boring. I wanted to give some color to it but there is not […]

Feeling Crafty Home Decor

Glass Lamps (from Glass Vases)

  Hello! Today I want to show you one of my favorite projects. I really like glass. I can not have too many glass products at home because of the kids but I managed to make and add a few of my lamps around the house. Because this tutorial may be a little long I’ll […]

Feeling Crafty Home Decor

Pernil Horneado Venezolano (Venezuelan Roasted Fresh Ham)

Well, after a few events that usually happen in our lives, I am finally back! 😀 After living in the US for almost 6 years, I miss the food I grew up with, a TON. Pernil Horneado is a dish a regular Venezuelan family will make for christmas eve or new year’s eve as part […]

In the Kitchen Main Dish

Enrollados Venezolanos (Venezuelan Pastry)

Hey there! The pastry I am going to show you is known in Venezuela as “enrollado”. You can find enrollados in bakeries (which in Venezuela are frequent places to go daily for some fresh bread, and pastries of course). Since I move to the US I’ve been reading different cook books, and noticed that Venezuelan […]

Dessert In the Kitchen

Silhouettes Gallery Wall (No Expensive Tools Necessary)

Yes! this is my third post. I hope this continue in a regular basis because it fells great to share so many stuff. As a renter, I need to live with wall colors that are not my favorites. This house we have been living in since November 2013 has not the worst color choices ever. […]

Feeling Crafty Home Decor

Ceviche with Mango.

Hello again! Ceviche is a traditional peruvian dish. I love ceviche and usually prepared it for my husband and I as a light dinner. Last week I made it for a ladies night out here at the subdivision and Thanks God! it was a success. I have to say, I love good attention (who doesn’t). […]

In the Kitchen Main Dish