Setting Goals Step by Step

Part 5

Well, this is the last part of this series. Financial Goals, as you can see all of the areas we considered to set our life goals, are equally important. Personal goals help us focus on our body and mind which we need to be able to think and physically endure the little changes we are making to get to that main purpose.

Spiritual goals run towards our inside, our soul it guide us through a path of faith in ourselves, in God, or just any superior entity that allows us to dream bigger and out of our own boundaries. Family goals for a lot of people are the reason to set goals, to improve one’s life and the life of those who live and share with us, those who are important to us.

Business and Professional goals are objectives incline to self-development. For those who are familiar with the Maslow hierarchy of needs, it is the tip of the pyramid. These are the goals toward improvement after everything else has been taken care of.

These areas are not organized in a strict sequence. However, I will suggest you consider working on your personal goals first. An easy explanation for this is, if you die or become mentally ill, there is no way you can work in any other area or objective properly. Take care of yourself!

Finally financial goals, these goals can be overwhelm just to think of and this is why as with all the other areas, we are setting small goals to get to the Jack Pot of goals!

First, we start with an assessment. Am I surviving financially? I can cover all my expenses but I need to set an emergency fund. I want to save for a trip or take more vacations. I would like to donate more money to charity. Don’t judge yourself for whatever situation you are now. The first step to improve is to work on it and if you are reading this series of posts, I am pretty sure you are already working on it.

Then, set your Main Goal:


  • Save $6,000 by December 31st, 2019.

Small goals:

  • Set up a real budget.
  • Drink a Starbucks coffee max. 2 times a week.
  • Cook at home at least 5 times a week
  • Cancel cable TV.

Last, after setting all these goals, and have them written down. You need to start working right away. There are days were I wake up lost, drink my coffee and just forget what else am I suppose to do. That is when I go back and read my goals to find my place again.

The different areas and the different goals may be the same sometimes. Maybe one of the reasons to your stress is the financial aspect of it. Setting a budget and sticking to it will bring more stability to your mental health. Try to get close to people looking to improve their lives as well. Sometimes having people around that are working toward the same interests as you will help ease the way.

I am not a psychologist or counselor, I am just someone that has been working toward self-improvement for a while and with friends and family realize my methods work for many people. I just want to share the way that has work for me hoping it will work for you as well.

Before closing this post, remember to go step by step and to have everything written down. Do not trust your mind, put it on paper! You can achieve whatever you put your mind to but you need to remind your mind sometimes. This is the right time to start, do it now! I have faith in you!

If you need help along the way, write a message or send an email. I am here for you!


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