Setting Goals Step by Step

Part 3

We have talked about setting Personal Goals and Spiritual Goals. Now, let’s talk about Family Goals. Some of you may find easier to set some objectives more than others. Well, these are the goals I can get carried away with.

I do feel that a big chunk of my time is invested in organizing my home and some work (I will get to Business/Professional goals in a later post) and I think I should set more time for my family, to take care of them and enjoy time with them.

Who is your family?

Direct family: Kids, husband, usually those living with you. If you have a pet, I think it deserves a bit of your time as well.

Extended family: Aunts, uncles, cousins, I would add my best friends here just because I love them like family.

What to think about when setting these goals?

Think about your current family situation and what would you like to accomplish to improve it. After you have your main goal established, start working on setting little step or objective to get to that Big goal.


Family Goals:

Main goal:

Spend more quality time with my husband and kids.

Small goals:

  • Stop working @ 6:00 pm to spend time with husband and Kiddos.
  • Read a bedtime story to the kids everyday.
  • Ask kids about their day.
  • Schedule a date night with hubby @ least once a month.
  • Schedule @ least one special activity with the kid every month.

Depending on what you think you should improve in your family life is the way you should set up you goals.

Always remember to set goals little by little. I can’t say this enough. If you fell overwhelmed, chances are you won’t keep trying to improve. Going step by step will help keep the tasks stress free.

Let’s do this together!

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