Setting Goals Step by step

Part 2

Now that we talked about Personal goals, let’s talk about spiritual goals! It does not matter which religion you are, if any. It does not matter if you are not part of any religion at all. The idea of setting spiritual goals is to use those goals to achieve an internal calm or peace. When I set my own spiritual purpose. I do so thinking of what would make me feel more relaxed and calmed. This is important to create the steps toward achieving the ultimate objective.

Many times, the different areas of our lives are connected one to another. It may be required to share an objective from your family goals or financial goals to accomplish your spiritual goals. The same is true with the other areas in your life.

Well, maybe figuring out what the things that bring to our lives are. Maybe finding out the things that bring distress would give us a better understanding of what we should avoid or must avoid in order to feel that we have control of ourselves and the environment we live in.

For instance; if I feel overwhelmed with work, I do not have enough time to complete my tasks. I should probably start taking the first minutes or even the first hour of my day, to make a list of my responsibilities and organize them by priority.

Another example will be, I have too much on my plate and I do not have time to do any of the things that make me feel human. At the end we are all individuals and need something for ourself it is completely normal. Well then, schedule a few minutes per week to do so. PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR!


Spiritual Goal

Main Spiritual: Feel Accomplished and Under Control

Small goals:

  • Add all activities in calendar.
  • Wake-up 15 minutes before everyday.
  • Read bible/Meditate 5 minutes per day.
  • Pray/meditate before going to sleep at nigh.

These are a few examples of goals you can set to improve your spiritual life. Remember to always adapt this objectives to your current situation, make your small goals, SMALL enough to be easy to achieve, and you main goal BIG enough to make produce a great sense of accomplishment at the end 😀

Life does not stay the same, life changes and we should adapt our goals to those changes. The idea of setting goals is to become better persons, better for ourselves, not others!

If you have any questions feel free to comment or sent an email, I will be glad to help!

I am not an specialist in the area. I am a regular woman who has prove many methods to improve my own life and want to share the methods that have been helping me to get to my objectives.

Think positive and write yours in a positive form. Focus on what you want to complete. Do not write your goals stating what you want to avoid


Write: Meditate 5 minutes per day.

Do not write: Do not stress for everything.

Let’s keep a positive attitude!

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