Setting Goals Step by Step

Part 4

Business/Professional Goals

Working on a “step by step” process, we just arrived to the business/professional goals. You may think this just applies to those who either have a business or a job, or those you have a job but want to achieve more as professionals. Well, there may be many other applications to these objectives and I would like to add, the stay at home parents.

Stay at home parents, most of the time, have to not only take care of the family but to run the house. This is an entire business by itself. You have so many departments to manage that it can be way too much to handle properly if you don’t have a plan.

I may be cheating on this one. I do work mostly from home as a Realtor. I consider myself a stay-at-home mom since I manage my schedule to be able to take care of myself my family and my home. Also, I worked for a company for a while being a wife/mom as well. So, here you have my credentials! 😉

After all that information I can say I am a PERFECTLY organized human being… ERROR! I am mess. I need a plan. I need to stick to a plan and I need to go back and read my plan whenever I forget about it or just feel lost.

Since you may be already familiar on how to set your goals from our previous posts;




I want to give you an example on how and what kind of goals I set up for my business/professional area.

Business Goals

Main Goal

-Grow my business @least double from my last year max without neglecting my family and home.

Small goals

  • Take care of my current/past clients and ask for referrals.
  • Come up with ideas for valuable services for my clients.
  • Set up time to work on growing my business everyday (Calendar)

You need to make sure your goals will cover the need YOU have. I like to work by referral and this is why my goals only take into consideration this way of working. Also, my income is not the main source of income to my family and this allows me to be more flexible on my schedule.


Professional Goals

Main Goal

  • Get a Juris Doctor degree that allows me to work on my own practice.

Small goals

  • Complete Law school requirements
  • Apply for Law school
  • Complete Law school
  • Get the best grades you can!

There are also professional goals that have to do with ways to grown within a company or complete continuing education. It does not matter how old you are, you can accomplish anything you really put your mind to.

Remember your goals may need to be adjusted or update. Live is not rigid, it changes constantly. Do not give up on your dreams if live changes, just adapt your small goals to get to what you really want to go to.

I am a truly believer on the human body and the human mind. I love to learn, I love to work, I love to love. I think you can achieve so many amazing things. Set your plan, set your goals, work toward that plan using those goals. Just do it and do it now, because now is the time!

Baby steps… You will get there!

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