Silhouettes Gallery Wall (No Expensive Tools Necessary)


Yes! this is my third post. I hope this continue in a regular basis because it fells great to share so many stuff.

As a renter, I need to live with wall colors that are not my favorites. This house we have been living in since November 2013 has not the worst color choices ever. However, The very green room that works as my younger child’s room is just waaaay to green, And taking the pink and green flowers chandelier as a clue, I could say it was a girl’s room before. Because I want my deposit back when we move. I choose to accessorized the walls in a way that it won’t be so green anymore. My solution? you guessed it! a silhouettes gallery wall. This wall would give me enough white surface to enjoy the green.

First things first, The frames. You need to find as much frames as you want in order to cover the space you want to transform and arrange them in a way pleasant to the view (check pinterest for some ideas) I usually buy frames when I find good deals and I had a bunch I used for my gallery. Very important ASK! try different arrangement and ask people what do they think about them, which one they like better and why, and always, the last choice is yours 😉

I bought the mats people use for framing pictures at Michael’s. I decided to go with white and Blue so the main colors of the room will be white, green and blue.

Canon_dec13 775

Ok, Don’t be hard on me! I was moving that’s the mess you see there.

Canon_dec13 776

These mats can be a little bit thick for certain frames. you need to make sure that your frames have enough space so you can insert two mats and close it just fine. If it is too thick for your frames, try other materials like construction paper or another light and colorful option. The next step is to find the silhouettes you want to draw or transfer, and do so on a piece of regular paper. I used letter size white paper. Because I didn’t want any shade of color showing near the cuts, I put the paper with the drawing on top of the mat and trace the shape making pressure so I could notice the shape on the mat.
With a lot of patience, and light, I started cutting out the shape.

Canon_dec13 779

I used craft knives I bought on amazon. They’re very inexpensive and actually bought the set as an add-on item. After you have the shape all cut out. Place the mat with the shape on the frame’s glass, then put the mat with the color you choose (in this case blue) on top of this one. The color mat should be cut the size of what the frame holds. For instance: 8 X 10. and then, close the frame as you do when you add a picture to it.

I really recommend to clean your frames carefully so you don’t end up with dust or dirt between the glass and the silhouettes.

Here are some of the pieces up close;

Canon_dec13 787

Canon_dec13 785

Canon_dec13 782

Ah! in case you are wondering. Yes! I did change the pink and green flower chandelier for a little bit more masculine fixture. 😉 Talk to you soon.

Hasta luego amigos!



P.S. If you are a renter. Don’t you dare to forget these!



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  1. nimmiafzal says:

    Wow!! Amazing art work.. Really added beauty to the wall😊

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